Late Evenings in Singapore

The later it got the more I had been awake in Singapore (thanks to the time difference of 6 hours). Because Singapore is ranked as one of the most secure cities in the world, we spent most evenings and nights outside, walking around, talking, exploring the city. As the air is still so warm even when it’s late, enjoying your time outside is just perfect there.

30 Days without Social Media

A while ago, I noticed that I was on my phone way too often. After I wrote my final exams I had a lot of free time, but instead of using it, I spent it on Social Media like Instagram. I’ve deleted my Facebook account a few weeks ago and haven’t really missed it since then but Instagram is like my holy grail for wasting time. A lot of time.

2 Small but Effective Swaps | Less Waste

Sometimes when it comes to living a more sustainable life it’s hard to know where to start. You see all these eco-friendly stuff you can buy but maybe you don’t have the money for all of it at that exact moment or you don’t want to throw away everything you owned before. I honestly felt exactly that way. I always thought, having a more sustainable lifestyle includes changing my whole old life all at once but actually it’s not that drastic. I think, you can easily start with some small changes that may have a really huge impact as well.

What’s in my backpack for a 14 hours flight | minimal & sustainable

Last week I left my home country for the longest time I’ve ever done and traveled as far away as I’ve ever been before – it was going to Singapore! For a long time, I wanted to visit my boyfriend’s home country and get to know more about where he spent his childhood and his interesting culture. I was also so nervous because it was my first long term 14 hours flight but I’m very, very thankful that I had the opportunity to travel to Asia.