Exploring PARIS | places we visited & tipps

In the Easter holidays at the beginning of this year I had been in the wonderful city PARIS with my (also wonderful) boyfriend! We stayed there for 4 days and had seen and experienced so many things, which I want to tell you in this blogpost.



I had been in Paris before a few years ago and because of that I already knew many things like some sights, but because my boyfriend hadn’t been there we wanted to visit everything again.

Before our trip we did some research and bought the Paris Pass which I highly recommend because you can save so much money with it! With this pass you can visit many places and sights in Paris for free, also sometimes have guided tours and you already have a metro ticket included. Because we wanted to see nearly everything in the four days we stayed in Paris we had planned for many weeks but what can I say.. at the first day we already overruled our plans and couldn’t stick with it the other days too cause there was too much we wanted to do in the short time.

Paris has the currency Euro that we also have in our homecountry so we didn’t have to change money for our trip.


Arrival & Public Transports

On our jouney to Paris we first flew to Amsterdam for one hour and had a stay for 6 hours. I recommend to bring something to eat because the airport food often is very expenisve and for people like me who can’t eat gluten there wasn’t a big choice. After our stay we continued to Paris for about one and a half hour.Foto 03.04.18, 07 30 05IMG_1375.JPG

When we arrived in Paris we both were really overwhelmed finding a taxi which takes us to the hotel. We finally found a taxi driver that took us to our hotel which was nearly 30 minutes away from the airport. The taxi driver was the real opposite of kind but we only paid 50€ because there is a charge plan from the airport to the centre of Paris or back – otherwise we had to pay more for sure. With driving by taxi we also felt safer because of our luggage.

Most of the time we drove by metro in Paris because we already had the ticket. I think driving by metro is very good, because it is so fast and easy finding the right connection to the places we wanted to visit but it was always very full so you have to keep attention to your bags all the time.


Our Hotel

The hotel we stayed in was near the train station Gare du Nord which was nice on the one hand because we had a good traffic connection but you could hear the trains passing by really loud. But that didn’t bother us most of the time because we had only been in the hotel late in the evening and left it early in the morning. Although next time we would look after another hotel with a better location. A big plus was that our room was very clean and we had a tiny and also clean bathroom.foto-030418-15-23-11.jpg


Soon we noticed that Paris has too many sights for just a short-term stay like we had. As I wrote before we planned every day in every detail but realized that we could’t manage to visit everything because often the distances are way bigger than we expected. So we went for visiting the most famous sights but also tried to go to places that aren’t so famous.SONY DSC

At the very top of our list was of course the Eiffel Tower. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to get on the tower because there weren’t any tickets left online so we would have to stand a long time in queue. But nevertheless we visited the Eiffel Tower many times and you can not say more than it looks just breathtaking beautiful during the day and by night.foto-03-04-18-21-00-51.jpgDSC09425.JPG


In my opinion a Must-See is the little city Versailles and the “Chateau de Versaille”. My boyfriend and I took the train, drove for about half an hour and walked only a few minutes until we arrived. I was sure that we aren’t allowed to visit the Palace of Versailles anymore because it was so late and it nearly closed but it wasn’t a big problem. After we gave away our bags we went around and were allowed to visit whole Palace without any time pressure.Foto 050418 17 00 43 (1).jpgimg_0444.jpg

On our way back we were in a train where a man played french songs on his guitar while you could see the sunset over Paris which was such a beautiful moment.

Next day we visited the Louvre that you should definitely visit when you are in Paris. With the Paris Pass we had not only free access to the museum but also a “Skip the Line-Ticket” so we avoided the long queue and only had to wait for like 5 minutes. We went a bit around and then went to the Mona Lisa where you really have to shove through a lots of people because there was a huge crowd standing in front of it. But when you finally get through this crowd you can come very close and have the time to look and take photos. I haven’t taking many photos of the inside of the Louvre because I really wanted to enjoy our stay there without a camera.img_9510.jpgimg_9498.jpgimg_1434.jpg


Notre DameIMG_9288

Of course we wanted to visit Notre Dame. With the Paris Pass we had free entrance to the church but unfortunately there were so many people that wanted to visit it with the pass the same moment we did so we had to wait for a few hours. But it’s also worth it to just walk around the church!DSC09444.jpg

I think Notre Dame looks so beautiful especially when the sun shines. There are also many cafés and restaurants near the church where you have a very good view to it.img-20180825-wa0001.jpg

Montmartre & Sacre Coeur

The next day we visitied Montmartre! This borough of Paris was exactly what I was looking for besides the hectic and loud city life. I think it’s really worth it visiting Montmartre because it’s so calm and peaceful there but you should schedule a bit more time for that borough because there is so much to see there. We went around for a while, found some small shops that sold very unique souvenirs and listened to street musicians.

And then the steps began. At some time we could only laugh about any stair we had to climb because we were so exhausted to take only one step more. There are many stairs on the way to Sacre Coeur which we hadn’t really known before we went there. But here and there were some places where you had a fantastic overview about the city and as we finally arrived at the top of the hill the long way payed of because the view you get is so beautiful!SONY DSCIMG_9954IMG_0036-01.jpeg

We sat down for a while on the steps in front of Sacre Coeur, ate the best gluten free brownie and listened to a harpist.DSC09741.JPGDSC09729.jpgimg_1521.jpg

Something that we had read about and wanted to visit was the Rue Cremieux that is a bit further away from downtown but worth it visiting. It’s just a small street but the houses look so unique! But you have to be cautious to not photograph inside the houses because it totally hurts the residents privacy (some people also hang pictures inside their windows to not take a picture of the inside)IMG_9693.JPGDSC09684.JPGdsc09690.jpg


We had plannend where we want to eat the other day so we already had our destination: Pink Mamma. We got a carafe with water for free which I haven’t known from my homecountry, so we hadn’t pay for something to drink and the food we ordered was also very delicious but a bit expensive.img_0218-e1535268832533.jpgFoto 05.04.18, 14 42 23.jpgfoto-05-04-18-14-55-24.jpgIMG_0205

As a birthday present I invited my boyfriend to a restaurant called L’ange 20. It is a bit pricier but I really wanted to visit it with him because I had read so many good things about it on the Internet and wanted something real special as a present.IMG_0801

The restaurant is really, really small and I would recommend to allocate a table before you go there. The staff was very kind and helped a lot with finding something gluten free for me to eat. We also asked the waiter which he can suggests us to order and got the most delicious three-course menu we both had ever eaten (so anyway I haven’t eaten a three-course menu before but nevermind). At the end of that evening we ordered Crème brûlée of course and all I can say is that this evening was just pure perfect.foto-05-04-18-21-38-031.jpgYou should definitely try Macarons when you are in Paris. They are naturally gluten free and so delicious! I can also recommend the brand “Céliane” that offers so many gluten free things and isn’t expensive at all.SONY DSCIMG_1797 (2).jpg

Exploring the City

I think when you go somewhere on vacation you really have to admit to the place you are for example to just walk around without any further destination. Sometimes we just walked around exploring the city and often found wonderful new places, cafés and streets that we haven’t heard of before.IMG_0216SONY DSC

On our way to Pont Neuf we found a small place where we rested for a while because it was so calm and the weather was just perfect to sit down and enjoying the view for a while.DSC09562.jpgimg_1428.jpg

We were also so lucky to catch some of the most beautiful sunsets in Paris!IMG-20180825-WA0009DSC09370.JPG

I really enjoyed our stay in Paris! My boyfriend and I got to see so many places and experienced so many beautiful things in these four days. I am very sure that I want to visit Paris again one time because there are a few places I definitely want to visit but haven’t managed to do this time. Have you also been to Paris before? I hope you enjoyed reading my little “travelguide” and maybe found some inspiration for your next journey!

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