Declutter w/ me | Inspired by the Konmari Method

Recently I bought the book “Magic Cleaning” by Marie Kondo which I wanted to buy for so long! I have already read so much about her “Konmari”-Method but I definitely wanted to read the book by myself. I usually declutter and organize the things I own now and then and I think that I’m pretty well organized but as I started to read the book I ended up wanting to declutter my closet again as I thought there were still some clothes I wanted to give away.


First things first I took everything out of my closet and was so suprised again how much I really own. I think to take every item out and put it maybe on your bed gives you a good overview of what you have and maybe what you need. For example I noticed that I own so many black clothes from the time I used to wear nearly only black every day. As my taste changed my closet hasn’t changed so much which made me think that I have nothing to wear.


Then I took every single piece and asked myself: “Does it spark joy?”. When I asked myself this question about a certain item I tried to remember the days I wore it and if I felt comfortable in it. If not or if I thought for example “I don’t REALLY like to wear it but it’s still in good condition” I would give it away. Why should I wear and keep something I don’t feel 100% comfortable and good in?

That also belongs to clothes you wear at home. A passage I really enjoyed reading in “Magic Cleaning” was about wearing old and not pretty but still functional clothes at home. Yes, I used to do that too. But what keeps you from wearing items that you truly enjoy ALL the time and not only when somebody sees you? I think it’s important to not dressing for somebody else but for yourself.

When it comes to giving your clothes away I think throwing something away should never be an option. Instead I resell some items or donate them so that somebody else can enjoy them more than I do.

I also think decluttering your closet now and then helps you noticing what you really like. Over the past few month I came to the conclusion that I don’t want to earn too many clothes but instead items with a good quality, items that are produced under good conditions and items that don’t iclude like 99% chemicals. When I started to understand the true potential of my closet I also saw that I don’t have to buy so many new things because I already own many pieces that work very well for me.

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