What’s in my backpack for a 14 hours flight | minimal & sustainable

Last week I left my home country for the longest time I’ve ever done and traveled as far away as I’ve ever been before – it was going to Singapore! For a long time, I wanted to visit my boyfriend’s home country and get to know more about where he spent his childhood and his interesting culture. I was also so nervous because it was my first long term 14 hours flight but I’m very, very thankful that I had the opportunity to travel to Asia.

As I don’t travel often I’m not a packing pro but I wanted to give my best to travel as light as it’s possible for me and also prepare for the flight so that I don’t produce too much waste as the CO2-emissions are already terribly high.


I totally like making lists and because of that I made a “Packing List” for my trip to Singapore too. I knew if I havent’t written everything down that I needed I would’ve definitely forgotten something. I also wrote some things down that I needed to buy before the flight:

  • a bamboo toothbrush because I want to brush my teeth on the plane and I’m not sure if I’m allowed to bring my electric on
  • a neck cushion


The important stuff

First I packed all the important stuff like my Passport and identification paper, the immunization card and money. I think these are the things that are most neccessary as I could replace anything else in case my backpack would’ve gotten lost.

Natural cosmetics

As mentioned before I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to bring an electric toothbrush in my handluggage so I decided to buy a bamboo toothbrush from Hydrophil – which is vegan and eco-friendly – at my local unpacked store and also a bamboo toothbrush case.


Unfortunately you need to put all your liquids in a plastic bag.. In there I put a little hand cream, a deodorant, a lip balm, a sanitizer from Dr. Bronner’s and the toothpaste from Lavera that I really like to use at the moment.

Natural makeup

I tried to keep my makeup also very minimal and packed only the things I knew I’m going to use for or directly after the flight. My skin was already stressed out by the long flight, the lack of sleep and the aircon on the plane and I didn’t want my skin to be more stressed by any products. Because of that I kept my makeup very simple: a lipliner from Annemarie Börling I bought as a little birthday present for myself, my all-time favourite Alverde powder and my new favourite mascara from Avril Cosmetics.


Water bottle

On my journey to Singapore I wanted to keep my plastic waste very low. Because of that I brought my own water bottle (it has to be empty because you are allowed to only bring 100 ml of liquids in your hand luggage) and filled it up at the airport. The water at airports is mostly drinkable but sometimes tastes a bit different than the water from home.


Unfortunately I was clever enough to not empty my waterbottle before the Security Check on my journey back home and had to drink like 1 liter water all at once – otherwise I would’ve had to go back to the beginning of the queue to empty it.

Other stuff

I also brought some other small things that made the flight a bit more comfortable: a neck cushion, a charging cable for my mobile phone, a towel for washing my face, cozy socks and my own headphones so that I don’t have to use the ones you get at the plane which also saves a bit of plastic trash.


What do you put in your backpack/ handluggage for a longer flight?

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