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Sometimes when it comes to living a more conscious life it’s hard to know where to start. You see all these eco-friendly stuff you can buy but maybe you don’t have the money for all of it at that exact moment or you don’t want to just throw away everything you owned before. I honestly felt exactly that way. I always thought, wanting to have a more sustainable lifestyle includes changing your whole old lifestyle all at once but actually it’s not that drastic: You can easily start with some small changes that may have a really huge impact as well.

A menstrual cup


A year ago I’d never thought of talking about period products because I had the feeling it’s a bit of a taboo subject. This thought is actually so stupid because so many people on this planet have their period and need menstrual products. Over the years I always bought pads & tampons and always felt bad because it’s not only super expensive calculated over the years, it’s also so bad for the environment! Just think about how many years you are going to buy all of these products and how must waste will be produced with this. Instead, it can be much better to use something you can reuse over and over again like a menstrual cup. I did some research to find a cup which is perfect for me and finally found one from Lunette. It’s not only vegan, in my opinion it’s also more hygienic than other “conventional” products.


I haven’t used the menstrual cup so many times yet since I bought it like three months ago but I’m so glad I have one because it’s one of the easiest and most effective swaps and will save you so much money and plastic waste. I’ve read that if you take good care it can also last you up to ten years!

A bamboo toothbrush


I’m not sure why it took me so long to finally buying a bamboo toothbrush even if I’d seen it like million times on the Internet. At the moment I’m still using an electric toothbrush and I’m happy with it but for travelling it’s always a bit difficult taking it with me. For these occasions I bought this bamboo toothbrush from Hydrophil which is vegan, cruelty free and super eco-friendly. The bristles are made of regrowing natural resources and the grip is made of bamboo.


There are also toothbrush cases to protect your toothbrush for example when you travel. I think it’s in need of getting used to using a toothbrush out of bamboo – in my opinion it feels obviously a bit different to one out of plastic but it’s definitely worth trying!

Why it’s so important


Source: Greenpeace

As you’ve probably noticed this whole plastic consumption is getting a bit out of hand. Well, actually a huge bit. According to some statistics it is said that there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans by 2050. Plastic is so unbelievably bad for the environment as it takes so long until it’s totally gone. Over the years for example the things like plastic bottles are breaking into small pieces that fall into even tinier pieces until it’s so small that even the smallest animals think it’s food. It’s also bad for our own health as plastic can leach out some harmful chemicals into our body. I think it can be so easy to just swap some products to plastic free ones and even if there are only a few people who did this, it will make such a big and great impact on the environment.


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2 thoughts on “2 small but effective swaps | Zero Waste

  1. When it’s wrapping up your food or in the form of a disposable toothbrush, plastic doesn’t look so scary. I think that that’s the biggest problem. We don’t get to see it in it’s worst forms – when it’s harming sea creatures and clogging up Earth. Thanks for the reminder! Yes, I think it’s a little things like tampons and toothbrushes that can so easily be swopped out for the sake of our planet. Abigail.

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    1. It’s just as you said, Abigail! I think it’s so easy and important to change some daily habits or use plastic-free products – and it has such a great impact. It’s always good hearing from people who have the same view as oneself!

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