Homemade & VEGAN Almond Milk

At the moment I love trying out new things and because of that, I thought of making homemade & vegan almond milk. I actually wasn’t the biggest fan of cow’s milk but nevertheless, I want to consume less of it because I feel like it’s personally not healthy for me. I also feel much better with drinking a plant-based alternative with which I didn’t harm an animal.


As mentioned before I mostly don’t feel healty after drinking cow’s milk. I’m definitely neither a doctor nor a nutritionist but I believe that if you listen carefully to your body you start to understand what’s good for you and what’s not. At some point I wanted to switch to plant-based milk alternatives but the options at the supermarkets sometimes conain sweetener or ingredients which I didn’t want to consume as well.

Because of that I wanted to start making homemade & vegan vegan milk and found the blog from Tastykaty – an absolutely inspiring and kind blogger who writes about healthy and delicious food (you should definitely visit her blog!) and found an easy recipe for the homemade & vegan almond milk. You can find the recipe here!


Sometimes I replace the almonds with cashew nuts or oat flakes. I even sometimes put a banana and some more dates into the finished milk to have a vegan milkshake (it’s so good!). Obviously the vegan milk tastes a lot different to cow’s milk but I think it’s just something you need to try to build an opinion – in my opinion it’s definitely worth trying!

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