My Most Loved VEGAN and GLUTEN FREE Products

About three years ago I noticed that I can’t eat gluten. After walking around with bad belly aches for some years I went to a natural health professional who told me to try quitting everything that contains gluten for a while and to look what’s happening. And what can I say: Not only the pain disappeared, I also began to feel much greater. I started to be more interested in healthy eating and began to eat less meat and less animal products (at this point I can recommend watching the documentary “What the Health”). Although I first thought it would be so hard to quit gluten and besides that animal products, it was easier than I expected.

Something that I have learned which is so important to understand is that it’s much more harder when you think of everything you can’t eat anymore (for sure I did that too – no croissants, no cake, no pizza etc.). It’s more about looking for alternatives and being open for new things.

Over the past years, I discovered so many things I haven’t known before which are so delicious, healthy and often not so expensive as I’ve thought before. So, let’s get started by showing you the products that I’ve started to love which are gluten free and vegan – maybe there’s something for you too!

Gluten free Oat Flakes

Well, this is pretty basic but it’s something that has started to be a game changer: gluten free Oat Flakes. I always buy mine at our local drugstore, they’re about 1,50€ more expensive than the “normal” flakes. I normally use them for my breakfast and for baking.

Here I used oat flakes together with almond milk to make a super delicious vegan porridge.

Almond Milk

This is by far my absolut favorite vegan product! I’ve never been a fan of cow’s milk so I looked out for some alternatives. As I’m not sure how eco-friendly soy milk is (it’s a more complex topic) and oat milk can be sometimes not gluten free I tried almond milk. It’s not only very delicious, I also think if you don’t want to buy it to maybe save some plastic waste because of the package, it’s so easy to make a homemade almond milk!

Agave Nectar

When you want to quit honey and sugar then I can recomment using agave nectar instead. I use it to sweeten:

  • tea
  • porridge
  • pancakes
  • sometimes cake & biscuit dough (be careful with that because agave nectar is liquid and not dry as sugar)

It’s really not so expensive and lasts very long in my opinion!

Gluten free and Vegan Cake Mix

Don’t get me wrong, I love baking! But sometimes I get to be a bit lazy or it has to be very quick and for these occassions I love to have a gluten free and vegan Cake Mix at home. The good thing about this Mix is that you don’t HAVE to make it vegan, it’s up to you how you want to make it. I tried both ways (vegan and not vegan) and think both work totally fine and the brownies are so delicious regardless of how you make them!

Gluten free Spaghetti

Talking about being lazy: I think one of the quickest and simplest meals are spaghetti with homemade tomato sauce. Because of that I always keep some gluten free spaghetti or other pasta at home. I tried so many gluten free alternatives – peas pasta, lentils pasta, buckwhat pasta etc. But personally these spaghetti from Barilla are my absolut favorite regarding the texture and the taste.

What about you? Which are the vegan/ gluten free products you like the most? I’d love to here from you!

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