30 Days without Social Media

A while ago, I noticed that I was on my phone way too often. After I wrote my final exams I had a lot of free time, but instead of using it, I spent it on Social Media like Instagram. I’ve deleted my Facebook account a few weeks ago and haven’t really missed it since then but Instagram is like my holy grail for wasting time. A lot of time.

I noticed that I grab my phone and open Instagram nearly automatically, without the need of thinking about what I’m doing right now. I look at all these perfectly looking people, perfectly looking lifes and moreover perfectly looking Instagram feeds. It’s hilarious but you know what I felt? I felt bad, like really bad because my life isn’t perfect at all. Actually, it’s pretty boring comparing to what I see online. But why do I open the app, why do I look at all these aesthetic pictures of happy-looking people?

If you hope to get an answer from me, I sadly need to disappoint you, because I don’t have one yet. Maybe it’s to fill in a personal gap, maybe it’s because my life is really boring. But maybe it’s because looking at other people’s life is easier than actually working on your own. Anyways, I want an actual answer to this question and therefore I deleted my Instagram app and logged out from the Instagram website on my laptop and went to a Social Media Detox for 30 Days.

As I’m writing this, it’s day 1. I don’t know what’s going to happen the next 30 days but I’m excited about it.

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