Late Evenings in Singapore

The later it got the more I had been awake in Singapore (thanks to the time difference of 6 hours). Because Singapore is ranked as one of the most secure cities in the world, we spent most evenings and nights outside, walking around, talking, exploring the city. As the air is still so warm even when it’s late, enjoying your time outside is just perfect there.

We actually spent one of the best nights at the very top of Marina Bay Sands at CÉ LA VI. Sure, the entry wasn’t the cheapest and you need to wait to have a good seat to see the skyline but it definitely pays off! Honestly I haven’t been to a higher floor before and I was a bit nervous but it was so great. Hopefully, I have the opportunity to stay one night at the Marine Bay Sands Hotel and therefore being allowed to visit the infinity pool as well, which is right next to the rooftop bar.

You should also go to Zouk if you want to discover Singapore’s nightlife. It’s also not the cheapest (you pay 25 S$ as a woman and 35 S$ as a man) but get voucher for about 15 to 20 S$. The music is so different from the music that is played in my hometown – it’s less of a mainstream but more of an underground house style. It was also so great dancing with people I didn’t know (except for my boyfriend) from all over the world and just having a great time. On our way home everything seemed very structured and save because a taxi stand was just right around the corner with security guards taking care of the people.

And even if you don’t want to have huge plans and just want to chill out around the city centre or a local borough, it’s always a good choice to get you some delicious food at a food court and just enjoying the night there. Or you just pick one of those “take-away” bikes, like me and my boyfriend, where you spent like 50 cents per hour to rent it and just explore the city. You can nearly find one of the bikes all around the city centre.

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