What’s in my backpack for a 14 hours flight | minimal & sustainable

Last week I left my home country for the longest time I’ve ever done and traveled as far away as I’ve ever been before – it was going to Singapore! For a long time, I wanted to visit my boyfriend’s home country and get to know more about where he spent his childhood and his interesting culture. I was also so nervous because it was my first long term 14 hours flight but I’m very, very thankful that I had the opportunity to travel to Asia.

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Declutter w/ me | Inspired by the Konmari Method

Recently I bought the book “Magic Cleaning” by Marie Kondo which I wanted to buy for so long! I have already read so much about her “Konmari”-Method but I definitely wanted to read the book by myself. I usually declutter and organize the things I own now and then and I think that I’m pretty well organized but as I started to read the book I ended up wanting to declutter my closet again as I thought there were still some clothes I wanted to give away.

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Minimalismus & Decluttering

Schon sehr lange Zeit bin ich fasziniert vom Minimalismus, vom Aufräumen, Ausmisten und wie man sich hinterher fühlt. Ich war schon immer ein sehr aufgeräumter und organisierter Mensch und bin irgendwann durch Zufall bei Youtube auf Videos gestoßen, in denen Menschen ihre Schminksammlungen, Kleiderschränke oder sogar Wohnungen ausmisten und aufräumen und ich war von Anfang an sehr gefesselt davon.

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