3 Ways to Travel more Eco-Friendly

On my trip to Vienna, I noticed how much I love traveling and being en route but on the other hand I realized what a huge impact traveling can have on the environment. While flying is already pretty bad for the environment because of the high CO2 emissions, I think just saying no to flying in general isn’t an option especially when it comes to huge distances. In my opinion, it’s more about the small habits and things you can do to make your trip more eco-friendly, things I’ve tried out on my previous trips and things, that I find quite easy to implement.

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2 Small but Effective Swaps | Less Waste

Sometimes when it comes to living a more sustainable life it’s hard to know where to start. You see all these eco-friendly stuff you can buy but maybe you don’t have the money for all of it at that exact moment or you don’t want to throw away everything you owned before. I honestly felt exactly that way. I always thought, having a more sustainable lifestyle includes changing my whole old life all at once but actually it’s not that drastic. I think, you can easily start with some small changes that may have a really huge impact as well.

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Homemade & VEGAN Almond Milk

At the moment I love trying out new things and because of that, I thought of making homemade & vegan almond milk. I actually wasn’t the biggest fan of cow’s milk but nevertheless, I want to consume less of it because I feel like it’s personally not healthy for me. I also feel much better with drinking a plant-based alternative with which I didn’t harm an animal.

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How to afford Ethical Fashion on a Budget

In these days clothes aren’t seen as an implement but often as a consumption good. That means for example if I buy a pair of trousers I’ll wear it as long as it lasts (with a low price and bad quality maybe a few months) but then I throw it away. You can also call it “Fast Fashion”. Buying these cheap clothes is easy, doesn’t cost much money and you can easily stick to the current trend, so why buying Fair Fashion?

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Nachhaltigkeit im Badezimmer

Ich fühle mich am wohlsten, wenn der Badezimmerschrank relativ leer ist und ich wirklich nur das besitze, was ich brauche. Gerade weil ich noch Zuhause wohne und alle zwei Wochen zwischen meinen Eltern hin und her pendel, ist es sehr unpraktisch, viele Produkte, mit sich herumschleppen zu müssen. Außerdem habe ich als Schülerin ein eher kleines monatliches Budget, das ich mir gut einteilen möchte und versuche deshalb bewusst einzukaufen und dabei auf gute Inhaltsstoffe und ein wenig auf Müllvermeidung zu achten.

Mit der Zeit habe ich einen Großteil meiner “konventionellen” Pflege- und Kosmetikprodukte aufgebraucht und mich ein wenig nach nachhaltigen Alternativen umgeschaut, die ich euch zeigen möchte!

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