My Most Loved VEGAN and GLUTEN FREE Products

About three years ago I noticed that I can’t eat gluten. After walking around with bad belly aches for some years I went to a natural health professional who told me to try quitting everything that contains gluten for a while and to look what’s happening. And what can I say: Not only the pain disappeared, I also began to feel much greater. I started to be more interested in healthy eating and began to eat less meat and less animal products (at this point I can recommend watching the documentary “What the Health”). Although I first thought it would be so hard to quit gluten and besides that animal products, it was easier than I expected.

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Homemade & VEGAN Almond Milk

At the moment I love trying out new things and because of that, I thought of making homemade & vegan almond milk. I actually wasn’t the biggest fan of cow’s milk but nevertheless, I want to consume less of it because I feel like it’s personally not healthy for me. I also feel much better with drinking a plant-based alternative with which I didn’t harm an animal.

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Exploring PARIS | places we visited & tipps

In the Easter holidays at the beginning of this year I had been in the wonderful city PARIS with my (also wonderful) boyfriend! We stayed there for 4 days and had seen and experienced so many things, which I want to tell you in this blogpost.

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