3 Ways to Travel more Eco-Friendly

On my trip to Vienna, I noticed how much I love traveling and being en route but on the other hand I realized what a huge impact traveling can have on the environment. While flying is already pretty bad for the environment because of the high CO2 emissions, I think just saying no to flying in general isn’t an option especially when it comes to huge distances. In my opinion, it’s more about the small habits and things you can do to make your trip more eco-friendly, things I’ve tried out on my previous trips and things, that I find quite easy to implement.

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What’s in my backpack for a flight to Vienna | minimal & eco-friendly

I literally can’t believe it but my finals are over!! It’s like 14 years of school are coming to an end and I’m so unbelievably excited about it because it means that there’s so much that’s going to change this year. Since I’ve written my last exam yesterday, it’s time to pack my bag because it’s going to Vienna!

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What’s in my backpack for a 14 hours flight | minimal & sustainable

Last week I left my home country for the longest time I’ve ever done and traveled as far away as I’ve ever been before – it was going to Singapore! For a long time, I wanted to visit my boyfriend’s home country and get to know more about where he spent his childhood and his interesting culture. I was also so nervous because it was my first long term 14 hours flight but I’m very, very thankful that I had the opportunity to travel to Asia.

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Exploring London in 6 Hours

On our trip to Singapore, we had a stopover in the wonderful but busy city of London. The whole trip began a bit different than planned because we needed to start a few hours early than we’d planned before. Instead of driving to the airport in Hannover by car at night, we decided to take the train earlier in the evening on the 9th of October because our car driver got ill. After freezing in the middle of nowhere while counting down to my birthday on the 10th of October, we finally took the plane at Hannover airport and flew to London.

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