My Most Loved VEGAN and GLUTEN FREE Products

About three years ago I noticed that I can’t eat gluten. After walking around with bad belly aches for some years I went to a natural health professional who told me to try quitting everything that contains gluten for a while and to look what’s happening. And what can I say: Not only the pain disappeared, I also began to feel much greater. I started to be more interested in healthy eating and began to eat less meat and less animal products (at this point I can recommend watching the documentary “What the Health”). Although I first thought it would be so hard to quit gluten and besides that animal products, it was easier than I expected.

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Homemade & VEGAN Almond Milk

At the moment I love trying out new things and because of that, I thought of making homemade & vegan almond milk. I actually wasn’t the biggest fan of cow’s milk but nevertheless, I want to consume less of it because I feel like it’s personally not healthy for me. I also feel much better with drinking a plant-based alternative with which I didn’t harm an animal.

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2 small but effective swaps | Zero Waste

Sometimes when it comes to living a more conscious life it’s hard to know where to start. You see all these eco-friendly stuff you can buy but maybe you don’t have the money for all of it at that exact moment or you don’t want to just throw away everything you owned before. I honestly felt exactly that way. I always thought, wanting to have a more sustainable lifestyle includes changing your whole old lifestyle all at once but actually it’s not that drastic: You can easily start with some small changes that may have a really huge impact as well.

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